◊ San Francisco State University
   San Francisco, California ◊ August 2016–May 2018
          ◊ Graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's Degree in English (Creative Writing).

◊ Berkeley City College
   Berkeley, California ◊ August 2014–May 2016

Awards & Honors

◊ Distinguished Undergraduate Student of the Year Award
   Awarded by the Creative Writing Department at San Francisco State University ◊ May 2018
          ◊ Honored for having the highest GPA in the Creative Writing Department's graduating class (3.98 cumulative). 

◊ Graduated summa cum laude
   San Francisco State University ◊ May 2018

◊ Dean's List
   San Francisco State University ◊ from Fall 2016 to Spring 2018

◊ Academic Honor Student
   Berkeley City College ◊ from Fall 2014 to Spring 2016












 ◊ Associate Account Executive
   Bay Area, California ◇ March 2019–Current

◊ Owner and Content Creator of Viral Instagram Account @manicpixiememequeen
   Remotely ◇ March 2017–Current
          ◊ Create original content daily (humorous in nature) for over 95k followers.
          ◊ Account went viral based on content, engagement, and organic (unpaid) marketing tactics. 
          ◊ Featured in articles published in NYLON Magazine, New York Magazine and The Verge about different aspects of the account and online trends.  

◊ Co-Founder & Co-Editor-In-Chief of Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine
   San Francisco, California ◇ August 2018—March 2019
          ◊ Select and edit all prose pieces, visual art pieces, and music.
          ◊ Publish a physical and digital magazine biannually.
          ◊ Market the magazine to increase interest in submissions, readership, and potential sources of funding.

◊ Art Cataloger and Social Media Manager for Erin Matson, Beat Visual Artist
   Arkville, New York ◇ June 2018—August 2018
          ◊ Saved over 500 pieces of artwork and archival documents.
          ◊ Examined and cataloged all artwork. 
          ◊ Established an online presence by creating a website and social media pages. 
          ◊ Marketed the artwork through social media organically and to relevant online communities/groups. 

◊ Managing Editor of Transfer Magazine Issue 115
   San Francisco, California ◇ December 2017—May 2018
          ◊ Transfer Magazine is San Francisco State’s student-run undergraduate literary journal. Established in 1954, It is the longest running student-run college literary magazine in the country. It is published semesterly. 
          ◊ Designed the magazine in its entirety using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.
          ◊ Collaborated with co-editors and faculty advisor (Dodie Bellamy) to organize and facilitate the publishing process, funding, marketing, sales, etc.  

◊ Fiction Editor of Transfer Magazine Issue 114
   San Francisco, California ◇ August 2017—December 2017
          ◊ Collaborated with other fiction editor to select and edit all prose pieces.

◊ Co-Founder & Fiction, Music, & Visual Arts Editor of Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine
   San Francisco, California ◇ April 2017—February 2018
          ◊ Selected and edited all prose pieces, visual art pieces, and music.

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