As an insomniac and a Gemini, I'll most likely be involved with a multitude of creative projects at once. Here are the projects I'm currently working on. 

an ode to the sunshine through my bedroom window during springtime

On April 13, 2019, I released my first chapbook called “an ode to the sunshine through my bedroom window during springtime,” featuring several prose-poems about spring, renewal, and rebirth. The first print-run sold out on April 27, but a second print-run is in the works. To inquire about the second print-run’s timing and how to get a copy, contact me using the button below!

Photo courtesy of April Marble.

Photo courtesy of April Marble.

LP #2: hunger.

Currently, I'm recording my second full-length original album, hunger. The album’s cover art will feature embroidery by Jordan Kady. It will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, and all other streaming services. Release date TBD.

LP #2 Artwork by Jordan Kady to be revealed shortly.

LP #2 Artwork by Jordan Kady to be revealed shortly.


Even though she has graduated college, bought a KitchenAid mixer, and moved to an apartment of her own with her best friend, Eliza Ricci does not feel like an adult. Like many millennials, Eliza struggles to find a decent job in her field, make rent, and date without disastrous consequences. In this comedic coming-of-age novel, Eliza wanders through the world of modern dating, attempts to find meaning in the digital age, and figures out what it means to be an adult despite not feeling like one at all. 


An ongoing personal project since March 2017, @manicpixiememequeen is an accidentally viral meme account I created to interrogate many issues relating to the millennial woman's navigation of modern society, including mental health issues, relationships, systematic oppression, pop culture, etc. For more information on the account, click the button below! 


In January 2018, anorexia threatened my life. I have had a history of eating disorders and body dysmorphia for several years, but this particular relapse endangered me to the point of hospitalization, at risk for cardiac arrest. Anorexia nervosa has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Why aren't we talking about it? 

Through prose and prose poetry, I explore my relationship to food and my body; the nature of recovery and relapse; misogyny, stigma, and mistreatment in the professional/medical field; comorbidity; and how to navigate life in a society obsessed with profiting off of our insecurities.