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In April, I released a chapbook called an ode to the sunshine through my bedroom window during springtime. It sold out within two weeks. While contemplating the turning of seasons and the welcomed fall weather, I remembered my springtime chapbook. I wanted more people to be able to read it, despite its tiny print-run. I decided to put the chapbook up on my website, so we can all admire spring during autumn.

Then I thought, why limit it to just the chapbook?

You can now read all of my previously published works by clicking the button below–so get reading!

Please continue to support print publications! Holding a physical copy of a book or a magazine in your hands is experiential, transformative, and beautiful. Tangibility creates a relationship between the work and the viewer. The texture of the pages, the sheen of the ink, the structure of the typeface–print is an art that cannot be replaced or undervalued. Keep print alive by supporting your local publications!

Special thanks to: Grant Thomas + the Seen and Heard Collective, Transfer Magazine, Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine, Milvia Street Literary Journal, Øyvind Jonas Jellestad, all of the readers, and everyone who supported me by purchasing my chapbook!

Interview with (PBS): Are Depression Memes Making You More Depressed? by Gretchen Brown

“Because my account went viral, I really try to be active in the mental health community. If I have a platform like I do, I have to use that responsibly. I don’t want to value push anything onto anyone, except that it’s OK to love yourself, it’s OK to feel sh*tty sometimes, and it’s OK to get help.” –Cori Amato Hartwig

I was featured in (PBS) about @manicpixiememequeen and the rise of mental health memes. Read the article by clicking here!

Article written by Gretchen Brown; published July 10, 2019.

First Print-Run of "an ode to the sunshine through my bedroom window during springtime"

On April 13, 2019, I printed the first run of my chapbook, an ode to the sunshine through my bedroom window during springtime, which features several prose-poems about springtime, rebirth, and renewal. On April 27, the chapbook sold out! Thank y’all so much.

If you are looking to purchase a copy, fear not—a second print-run is in the works. Updates to come!

Thank you for reminding me of how much love and support constantly surrounds me and my art.

With gratitude,


Photo courtesy of April Marble.

Photo courtesy of April Marble.