Written throughout 2013 and released in April of 2016, Not For Nothing was my debut album released digitally on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, CDBaby, Tidal, Amazon Music, GooglePlay, YouTube, and all other streaming platforms. 

Not For Nothing featured ten original songs that I wrote when I was sixteen years old. Recorded at home with just me and my acoustic guitar, the songs are raw, personal, and feel accessible and intimate. The album was mixed by my good friend and fellow musician, Hunter Lewis. 

The name of the album comes from a phrase that my grandfather used to say constantly, "Not For Nothing." He would say the phrase before he insulted someone; my grandfather was brutally honest, but in a deserved way. The album artwork also features my grandfather (the person sitting in the car) in a photograph from August 1959. 

The album is available for free download via Soundcloud, and also available for purchase and streaming across all platforms.